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Our Energy Feasibility service determines the viability of proposed projects through feasibility studies for electrical and renewable energy systems, building renovations, and upgrades. A Synergy Electric Feasibility Study allows you to evaluate potential retrofit opportunities in existing systems or analyze optimal system selection for proposed new facilities. We offer Feasibility Studies to existing and potential clients. Our proprietary Feasibility Study focuses on meeting the needs of the clients Energy Management, Lighting Systems, and Environmental Impact & Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Additionally our study will identify any potential Incentives or Grants that are available to you as a consumer. This full report and Study is provided free of charge as a courtesy and as our commitment to our environment. Our areas of focus in these studies are as follows:

  • Energy Management – Our study will focus on methods of implementing an Energy Management System for your business or facility that will exceed the requirements by the U.S. Department of Energy.  This implementation will carefully evaluate usage, as well as application to provide alternative suggestions that can drastically reduce electrical waste, as well as provide education and training to Owners, Managers and Staff.
  • Lighting Systems – Through innovative lighting, Synergy will additionally make recommendations on Energy Saving Products that will meet or exceed the current lighting needs of your facility.   Areas of primary concern are usage of obsolete or wasteful products such as T12 Linear Fluorescent, Incandescent, Halogen and HID lighting systems.   These recommendations often include the use of Lighting Control Methods and Devices such as Occupancy Sensors, Bi-Level Switching, and Lighting Control Panels.
  • Environmental Reductions – With the passing of the Cap and Trade Bill, and the global push for the reduction of the 6 Greenhouse Gas Emissions, the reduction of Carbon Waste is inevitable. Synergy Electric will perform the required calculations to evaluate your potential reduction of these resources.   Our study will clearly show your potential reduction of CO2, Oil, Natural Gas, as well as many other impacts your facility can improve upon.
  • Financial Incentives and Grants – At Synergy Electric, we are experts in seeking and identifying potential  financial resources for our clients such as Incentives and Grants.  This study will inform you of these the available assistance programs offered to businesses within your industry based on use, and types of lighting systems.