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In today’s economy, it is crucial for business’ to cut operating costs, while maintaining the necessary lighting levels needed to operate. Our trained staff will show you how you can save money on energy costs. But who has thousands of dollars to spend on energy efficient lighting? With Synergy Electric’s “cost neutral” lease to own plan, saving money is just a step away. Synergy Electric can perform a feasibility study at no charge to determine if where your business can effectively save and if you are eligible for Power Company Rebates or Federal Grants. Further with system leasing, we can tailor a plan which takes your energy savings and applies it to an affordable monthly payment, freeing up your working capital, increasing positive cash flow and creating no out of pocket expense! Call us today and we will also refer you to a Licensed Electrical Contractor in your area!

Lighting retrofits offer the following benefits to business:

  • Energy savings

    Lighting retrofits can greatly reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills, while maintaining lighting levels and quality by upgrading lighting components to more efficient and advanced technologies. Upgrading technologies can also offer employees greater control over lighting, allowing for additional energy savings.

  • Improved lighting quality

    Lighting retrofits can improve lighting quality by targeting problem areas with specific design considerations to overcome common lighting issues. Newer technologies also add increased reliability to the lighting system, so fewer short-term lighting-quality issues should arise. These newer technologies often have better lighting-quality characteristics, such as improved color, reduced flicker,
    greater light output, etc.

  • Reduced maintenance and labor costs

    Improvements in lighting technologies have led to increased lifetimes for components that will result in fewer failures and lengthen the time between maintenance activities. The implementation of a routine maintenance program in addition to your lighting retrofit will greatly simplify your maintenance practices and reduce the operational costs associated with maintaining your lighting systems.

  • Pollution Reduction

    By consuming less electricity, your facility will help reduce the demand and associated emissions from “off-site” power generation. These harmful emissions include CO2 and other greenhouse gases. For those facilities served by photovoltaic or other green-power systems, efficient lighting will help limit power demands. Using more efficient lighting will require less power to be generated, stored, and used to accomplish the same tasks, making alternative power systems more economically and technically feasible.