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Hello and thank you for finding the best electrician in the Altamonte Springs area! We are excited you are considering our company for your electrical project and we want to be your electrician. Synergy Electric serves Altamonte Springs homeowners and commercial customers everyday with quality and dependability at a competitive price. Synergy Electric has been the leader in electrical services since 2000 providing superior service within the state of Florida for commercial customers and now we are proud to provide residential electrical services in the Altamonte Springs area. We have served over 10,000 residential and commercial customers throughout Florida.

You depend on electricity to light your bedroom, to warm or cool your living room, and to power your appliances so when you experience a problem with your home’s power, you might feel frustrated at the cause of the issue. We provide the full set of licensed electrical work in Altamonte Springs, from minor switch repairs, upgrades and rewiring in homes, to commercial electrical service and repair or complete design-build commercial electrical systems for new or retrofit facilities.

We understand that your time is valuable which is why we have a fleet of vehicles packed with the supplies needed for us to perform any electrical service quickly and efficiently.

Your Safety Is Our Number One Priority

Electrical repairs will often feel extremely urgent, but it’s always important to hire a professional, licensed electrician for any electrical work. Self-repairs run the risk or serious injury to yourself and others as even small mistakes could cause future problems including fires (the National Fire Protection Agency even lists faulty electrical wiring as a major cause of house fires in the US). We believe that by the time our electrician leaves your home or business, you should know without a doubt that your electrical system is safe and in accordance with the national, state and local electric code. Outdated or faulty fuse/circuit breaker panels and electrical wiring may cause electrocution or home fires. We understand that your time is valuable which is why we have a fleet of vehicles packed with the supplies needed for us to perform any electrical service quickly and efficiently.

Wiring and Component Upgrades

Synergy Electric is ready to service residents in Altamonte Springs whether you’re in need of simple maintenance for your home’s electrical system or you need a full system upgrade. Updating switches and receptacles alone can increase the value and appeal or your home!   If you have outdated or improper wiring it won’t just cause inconvenient power outages and make your electrical system unreliable. As power requirements continue to increase, prospective homeowners may look at old panels as a sign of an obsolete electrical system in disrepair. Synergy Electric can diagnose, replace and often times makes needed upgrades to your electrical system with the latest in innovative products. Synergy Electric upgrades and installs any service equipment and brings the grounding up to code and can also suggest other changes to increase your electric service efficiency.

SYNERGY ELECTRIC MISSION STATEMENTOur Mission:  To provide our clients with the highest levels of service and expertise with integrity, and honor at an affordable price. To take pride in our workmanship in order to always ensure the job is done right.  To serve our local community with care and respect.  To live our lives with good intent and make every moment matter!