We have served over 10,000 residential and commercial customers throughout Florida and we are proud to handle the electrical work for homes and commercial properties in Astor. Synergy Electric has the knowledge and experience to deliver the highest quality electrical repair, installation and maintenance at the lowest prices. We can diagnose the most typical electrical problems fast and efficiently saving you time and money. Florida is very wet and humid which can cause havoc with your electrical system so Synergy Electric inspects homes for common failures and will quote a quality repair that will last. We understand that your time is valuable which is why we have a fleet of vehicles packed with the supplies needed for us to perform any electrical service quickly and efficiently. Synergy Electric is ready to service residents in Astor whether you’re in need of simple maintenance for your home’s electrical system or you need in-depth repairs.

Our Typical Electrical Services

No job is too big or too small for our electricians at Synergy Electric. If the electric bill for your home or office seems far too high or you just want to cut down costs, retrofitting your existing lighting system may be the answer you’ve been looking for. To help you, we offer a lighting and electrical analysis that can determine the next best step to lowering your electrical bill. Sometimes repairs need to be made right away, sometimes they can wait a while, and other times it may just be an option to think about. We can replace components in your system with energy efficient counterparts that will save money; you may even be eligible for rebates from the electric company.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

We use electricity to store food, keep ourselves entertained, keep our homes warm in the winter, cold in the summer, and much more. It’s a huge priority to make sure that your AREA home is able to supply you without amount of electricity you and your appliances use. Outdated or faulty fuse/circuit breaker panels and electrical wiring may cause electrocution or home fires. If you’ve noticed any problems with circuit breakers, power outages, or other issues related to electrical panels, call today to have it replaced or upgraded as necessary. Safety is one of the most major concerns when it comes to your home’s electrical system, which is why you need a certified electrician from Synergy Electric.