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We’ve been providing homeowners and business in the Bushnell area with our electrical technicians combined experience of over 80 years, and we’ve built our reputation in that time by always providing our clients with the highest possible quality and professional customer service. The foundation of our business is exceptional customer service and we want to be your electrician of choice. Regardless of your residential electrical needs, all of our electricians arriving at your home are skilled, experienced, and equipped to install any high quality products to your satisfaction. Our low cost and simple pricing with our knowledgeable Bushnell electricians never leave you in the dark with your electrical services.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Safety is one of the most major concerns when it comes to your home’s electrical system, which is why you need a certified electrician from Synergy Electric. It’s important to remember that no matter how urgent any electrical repairs may seem, attempting to fix them on your own without professional training and experience is incredibly dangerous and even small mistakes you make could be detrimental in the near future (the National Fire Protection Agency even lists faulty electrical wiring as a major cause of house fires in the US). Synergy Electric provides a full range of electrical services and if you really want to make sure that your home stays in good condition, you’re going to need to do much more than schedule the occasional repair appointment. If you have an old home or electrical system, get an inspection to check for any problems.

Our Typical Bushnell Electrical Services

No job is too big or too small for our electricians at Synergy Electric. It’s a huge priority to make sure that your Bushnell home is able to supply you without amount of electricity you and your appliances use. If you see flickering lights or wiring problems, don’t hesitate to call Synergy Electric and get prompt attention from our experienced electricians. To help you, we offer a lighting and electrical analysis that can determine the next best step to lowering your electrical bill. Give us a call or request a quote online for any of our electrical services such as: