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Electrical repairs will often feel extremely urgent but it’s always important to hire a professional, licensed electrician for any electrical work. Self-repairs run the risk or serious injury to yourself and others as even small mistakes could cause future problems including fires. The National Fire Protection Agency even lists faulty electrical wiring as a major cause of house fires in the US. Synergy Electric provides a full range of electrical services and if you really want to make sure that your home stays in good condition, you’re going to need to do much more than schedule the occasional repair appointment for your home in Christmas.

Home Wiring in Christmas

Modern homes use a variety of devices, which have power needs beyond the design specifications of older homes and businesses. If your wiring hasn’t been replaced within the last 20 years, there’s a good chance that all or part of your home needs to be rewired. If you have outdated or improper wiring it won’t just cause inconvenient power outages and make your electrical system unreliable, but it could also be a major fire hazard. Our electricians can offer you a full inspection of your home’s wiring and let you know whether you need have it replaced in full or in part, or what repairs are necessary.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

We’ve been providing homeowners and business in the Christmas area with our electrical technicians combined experience of over 80 years, and we’ve built our reputation in that time by always providing our clients with the highest possible quality and professional customer service. You depend on electricity to light your bedroom, to warm or cool your living room, and to power your appliances so when you experience a problem with your home’s power, you might feel frustrated at the cause of the issue. If you’ve noticed any problems with circuit breakers, power outages, or other issues related to electrical panels, call today to have it replaced or upgraded as necessary with licenced electricians from Synergy Electric.