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From Parking Lot lighting, Electrical Repairs, Service Changes or more we have you covered! As power requirements continue to increase, prospective homeowners may look at old panels as a sign of an obsolete electrical system in disrepair. Synergy Electric ensures safety first with all electrical service so you can ensure your family is safe with quality installation and repairs. We’ve been providing homeowners and business in the Land O Lakes area with our electrical technicians combined experience of over 80 years, and we’ve built our reputation in that time by always providing our clients with the highest possible quality and professional customer service. We believe that by the time our electrician leaves your home, you should know without a doubt that your home’s electrical system is safe and in accordance with the state and local electric code. Our electricians can offer you a full inspection of your home’s wiring and let you know whether you need have it replaced in full or in part, or what repairs are necessary.

Synergy Service

Our technicians will look over your entire system to discover any potential concerns that could lead to accidents and even fires. We work hard to bring you the most competitive prices and the highest quality electrical service. If you see flickering lights or wiring problems, don’t hesitate to call Synergy Electric and get prompt attention from our experienced electricians. Synergy Electric is ready to service residents in Land O Lakes whether you’re in need of simple maintenance for your home’s electrical system or you need in-depth repairs. For everyone’s security and safety, every electrician at Synergy Electric is required to stay up-to-date with current electrical laws and codes, and their ability to spot code violations is of critical importance for safety when they are inspecting existing electrical installations.

Safety First

Electrical repairs will often feel extremely urgent, but it’s always important to hire a professional, licensed electrician for any electrical work. Self-repairs run the risk or serious injury to yourself and others as even small mistakes could cause future problems including fires (the National Fire Protection Agency even lists faulty electrical wiring as a major cause of house fires in the US). Our low cost and simple pricing with our knowledgeable Land O Lakes electricians never leave you in the dark with your electrical services. Synergy Electric’s electricians provide fast electrical help for Land O Lakes Residents with licensed electricians in fully stocked trucks. We have over 80 years combined experience in the electrical service industry with our licensed, courteous, prompt and efficient technicians.