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We have served over 10,000 residential and commercial customers throughout Florida. As a business or homeowner, you want electrical tasks done right the first time because faulty installation or repair could be disastrous to your business or home and wallet. Outdated or faulty fuse/circuit breaker panels and electrical wiring may cause electrocution or home fires. Regardless of your residential electrical needs, all of our electricians arriving at your home are skilled, experienced, and equipped to install any high quality products to your satisfaction. We provide the full set of licensed electrical work in Port Richey, from minor switch repairs, upgrades and rewiring in homes, to commercial electrical service and repair or complete design-build commercial electrical systems for new or retrofit facilities. We can replace components in your system with energy efficient counterparts that will save money; you may even be eligible for rebates from the electric company.

Local Port Richey Services

Synergy Electric has been working with residents of Port Richey for a long time with our knowledge of the area, types of homes and current electrical codes in Florida for residential homes, you are sure to save time and money. Synergy Electric is proud to handle the electrical work for homes and commercial properties in Port Richey. If you have an old home or electrical system, get an inspection to check for any problems.

Synergy Integrity

As power requirements continue to increase, prospective homeowners may look at old panels as a sign of an obsolete electrical system in disrepair. We can diagnose the most typical electrical problems fast and efficiently saving you time and money. Synergy Electric has been the leader in electrical services since 1999 providing superior service within the state of Florida for commercial customers and now we are proud to provide residential electrical services in the Port Richey area. Looking for a Great Electrician in Port Richey? We are the electrical company for you! Our electricians can offer you a full inspection of your home’s wiring and let you know whether you need have it replaced in full or in part, or what repairs are necessary.