Electrician Sarasota – Making The Right Choice


At Synergy Electric, we know you have lots of choices on hiring an electrician.   That’s why we go a step further than other electrical companies in providing our customers with the highest levels of quality and profession service at affordable prices!     With Synergy Electric we believe in stretching your hard earned dollar to give you the best value for your money.    From simple receptacle replacements to full service changes and rewiring, Synergy Electric has the leading expert and knowledgeable electricians in Sarasota on staff ready to serve your electrical needs!


BEST TRAINED ELECTRICIANS IN SARASOTA FLORIDAAll of our electricians go through regular intensive training on such things as Energy Codes, as well as keeping up with ever changing national and local electric codes.   They also experience in depth factory training for lighting fixtures, applications and best electrical practices.     To say some learn from the mistakes of others is an understatement as we regularly cover, discuss and train our staff to identify, and properly repair the mistakes of others in order to ensure our customers are receiving nothing less than the best that they deserve.   If our electricians identify errors or potential problems while working on a job for you, you will not get scare tactics, or high pressure sales pitches. Instead you will receive a thorough explanation, and diagnosis in order to make an educated decision on what’s best for your home or facility.   There are no commission based electricians at Synergy Electric, therefore we will never sell you anything you don’t really need or try and up-sell just to earn more money.

Synergy Electric’s staff of Electricians have a combined experience level of over 100 years in residential and commercial electric.    Our team consists of licensed and certified Master Electrician’s, Journeymen, Supervisors, Apprentices and helpers.   Further we believe in employing local resident electricians whom not only work and live in the community, but participate in the local community as well.    If they aren’t on the job ensuring our customers receive the best electrical work possible, then you may find members of our staff serving the community through charitable causes such as the American Cancer Society, cooking meals for Mended Little Hearts, or even coaching local little league and community center athletic teams.    At Synergy Electric we believe to serve the community, you have to first be a valued and productive member of the community!


ELECTRICIAN ALTAMONTE SPRINGS - ELECTRICAL SERVICESynergy Electric made a choice years ago, to clearly distinguish ourselves from the traditional electrical company model.    Of course we pull wire, and run conduit just as good if not better than anyone else, but we took it many steps further.    Synergy Electric’s electricians and sales staff are very distinguished as being the leader in Lighting and Electrical Controls, LED Lighting, Home Integration and more.    Not only do we know how to power the devices you use, but we know the methodology and science behind it.   Many companies who don’t quite have this level of experience just replace items they know don’t work, which can lead to costly repairs far beyond what is needed.    We are able to correctly trouble shoot and identify problems not realized or observed by others to ensure the long term operation of your equipment and lighting.   We are able to properly diagnose and trouble shoot failures, and replace only what is required saving you hundreds in potential expenses.


DRUG FREE ELECTRICIANS IN SARASOTASynergy Electric takes a lot of pride in the quality of individuals we allow to represent us to the public.   We believe that your home or business is no different than our own home.   This means we want only the best qualified individuals that are respectable, honest, trustworthy and dependable.    Therefore Synergy Electric performs a complete background check nationwide on all of our electrical applicants.   As well our electricians go through initial and random drug testing to ensure that any electrician on your job is able to perform at the highest levels of awareness and safety.    Now we realize that alone doesn’t guarantee the quality of the individual, however our electricians are held to the highest levels of personal discipline and accountability, and complete a six month supervised probation period before working unsupervised.    This is not an industry standard practice, but that of a standard adopted by Synergy Electric as a best practice.

Electrical service in Sarasota, FL call Synergy Electric today and save!    941-756-4844 or visit us online at www.synergyelectric.us

SYNERGY ELECTRIC MISSION STATEMENTOur Mission:  To provide our clients with the highest levels of service and expertise with integrity, and honor at an affordable price. To take pride in our workmanship in order to always ensure the job is done right.  To serve our local community with care and respect.  To live our lives with good intent and make every moment matter!