How To Help Prevent Power Outages During Storms

REDUCE CHANCES OF BEING WITHOUT POWER DURING A STORMIf you’re anything like the typical Florida resident, then the thought of being without power during a severe storm or hurricane is scary. Even further with todays technology, being with out WIFI, Internet and a Phone can make matters seem much more desperate. What most people expect for a power outage is that the utility service provided power goes out and could take days to repair. Unfortunately, the most common form of long term outage is not from the utility, but from damage to power lines feeding your home or business. Most home and commercial building over 10 years old are fed from hanging power lines, which includes cable and phone from the pole to a rain-cap post near or above the roof line. These lines are extremely susceptible to damage from high winds and fallen tree limbs. The utility company will do their best to repair these damaged lines to your home, but during a storm, you home comes last.

The utility company must focus their main efforts on restoring grids for entire communities, and although the power to your neighborhood could be restored in hours, your home could still be without power or internet and phone for days to get the required repairs.


REMOVE HANGING POWERLINES AND FEED UNDERGROUNDMost people don’t know or realize that hanging power lines is not a requirement. As a home owner or business owner, it is up to you how your homes power, phone, cable and internet is provided, not the utility. By simply hiring a qualified and experienced electrical contractor you can re-feed your home or business in most circumstances to be fed underground. By eliminating all overhead power lines, cable and phone lines, you will drastically reduce your chances of suffering through a long term outage. Additionally by removing overhead lines and feeding your home underground, you improve the overall appearance of the home, reduce tree limb trimming requirements, and bring your homes power feeds up to current electrical standards.

Making the change is an easy process, and can improve the overall quality of life in your home.   Most Electrical Contractors work in conjunction with the engineers and systems experts at the utility companies such as FPL, Peace River, TECO, Verizon, Frontier, Comcast and many others.   The Electrical Contractor will permit, schedule and coordinate disconnects and reconnects along with municipal building department inspections to make the change.   During the process, all overhead lines will be removed between the pole and your home or business.   Then we use a combination of trenching and directional boring to provide very deep in the ground conduits, that run down the utility pole, underground and rise into your new electric meter box.  Phone and cable service will also be provided conduits in which to re-feed your home form the pole to the required jacks on the back of the home or business.   At the same time we inspect and often times upgrade the building grounding system to improve safety within the electrical system and home.


Although this process may sound cumbersome and expensive, it is much more affordable than it sounds.  Actually this can often times be the least expensive and most dramatic electric upgrade you can do to your home.   Get piece of mind knowing that falling tree limbs and high winds will no longer be the cause of your family or businesses loss of power, phone and internet.   Greatly reduce the chances of being displaced by long term power outages from a damaged power line to your home, and beautify your property at the same time.   Large hanging wires often muddy the view of a beautiful back yard.   Kids can play safer while you have complete security in knowing your family is safe, powered, and connected.   Synergy Electric will provide a FREE Estimate for you to decide if this is important enough to you to make the change!

By the time you are reading this, there is probably a storm about to hit.   Although it may be too late for this storm, there will be more.   Call today!  941-756-4844