Parking Lot Lighting and Security Lighting

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The customer’s shopping experience begins in the parking lot. If the parking lot is not safe and secure, especially at night, consumers will not stop, park or shop. That’s why major retailers establish strict specifications and monitor the status of their parking lot light levels to ensure that nothing prevents potential shoppers from entering their stores and good lighting maximizes security.

Synergy Electric specializes in parking lot lighting and can perform lighting inspection services and evaluations to help property owners realize their potential to increase customer traffic and to reduce liability by being proactive in maintaining your outdoor lighting.  If a crime occurs during evening hours, late night, or early morning, a property owner can be held liable if there are poorly illuminated areas at their plazas or facility. A preventative outdoor program can minimize liability by ensuring that appropriate light levels are maintained and outages repaired promptly by any of our recommended Licensed Electrical Contractors that are standing by to service your needs.