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Hello and thank you for finding the best electrician in Service Area Title! We are excited you are considering our company for your electrical project and we want to be your electrician. Regardless of your residential electrical needs, all of our electricians arriving at your home are skilled, experienced, and equipped to install any high quality products to your satisfaction. Synergy Electric has been the leader in electrical services since 1999 providing superior service within the state of Florida for commercial customers and now we are proud to provide residential electrical services in the Service Area Title area. We have served over 10,000 residential and commercial customers throughout Florida.

Safety First

It’s important to remember that no matter how urgent any electrical repairs may seem, attempting to fix them on your own without professional training and experience is incredibly dangerous and even small mistakes you make could be detrimental in the near future (the National Fire Protection Agency even lists faulty electrical wiring as a major cause of house fires in the US). Our skilled electrical technicians have over 80 years of combined experience working with various electrical systems, so you can trust us to properly restore or maintain yours. We’ve been providing homeowners and business in the Service Area Title area with our electrical technicians combined experience of over 80 years, and we’ve built our reputation in that time by always providing our clients with the highest possible quality and professional customer service.

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