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Synergy Electric is standing by to serve your residential electrical needs!   Our team of professional electricians are standing by to take care of the needs of your home.   From the simplest of electrical repairs, to service changes, and more, our licensed journeymen will ensure the highest levels of service. Dependability, Integrity, and honesty are not something you should expect, it’s something you should demand and we deliver! With over 80 years of combined experience in residential electrical, it’s no wonder Synergy Electric is considered one of the best electrical companies within the local community.

Family owned and operated, our founder Matt Gregg was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida.   He believes to serve our community you have to truly be a part of the community. This transcends throughout the staff at Synergy Electric as we treat each and every one of our customers as if they were part of our family, and it’s through our exceptional service to the community that we give back through multiple charitable organizations, supporting those within our community as family.

Is it time to upgrade your electric panel? Older electric panels can do more harm than good, and here’s why: An older electric panel can have many potential problems that pose a fire risk from overloading, corrosion, old aluminum wiring, and electrical shorts from overloaded or unbalanced circuits. Though many of these issues won’t necessarily cause your home of business to burn down, it is inevitable that these issues will result in a failure that can damage sensitive electronics such as televisions, stereo’s computers and other appliances. Even worse, the potential failure will occur at the absolute worst time, leaving you without power, internet, and air conditioning!

Synergy Electric and Lighting goes above and beyond for our customers, at no extra charge! Not only do we offer complete electric panel upgrades and service changes, but we will inspect your wiring to ensure that your service is safe, properly balanced, which includes thermal imaging during the service change in order to spot and eliminate potential issues before they occur! No other electrical contractor in town offers this additional service free of charge. Why do we do it? Well that’s simple… We treat every customer as if they were our own family. We own the equipment, so why wouldn’t we go this extra step for a customer if we would do it for our own mother?


  • Fuse To Breakers
  • New Main Panel Installations
  • Pool Panel Installations
  • Surge Protection
  • Main Grounding Systems
  • Emergency Panel Installation
  • Main Breaker Replacements
  • Troubleshoot Flickering Lights
  • Label Household Circuits on Existing Panels
  • Sub Panels
  • Generator Panels
  • Load Balancing
  • Thermal Imaging of Circuits

A panel upgrade or replacement is usually required to alleviate a problem with the existing panel. The conductors between the meter and panel may become loose and burn out the main lugs, especially common when aluminum conductors were used. Sometimes a breaker might simply overheat and burn the bus bar or even displace heat to other circuits. Other common reasons to change out an existing panel are due to obsolescence and outdated technology. Split-buss panels, cheap underside builder-grade panels, are also good candidates for replacement. In many cases, as you grow in your home or business, the existing panel isn’t large enough so people have doubled up circuits, or overloaded them to the point at which they can easily trip, causing inconvenience and potential risk to life safety.

Our expert electricians use only high quality electric panels and gear such as Square D, Siemens, and Cutler Hammer. Every QO residential panel that we install has a lifetime warranty on the equipment and a 5-year warranty on the installation. At the end of the day, you deserve the best service, with the best products, at the best price. So we also throw in the best warranty for piece of mind!


  • Service Upgrades
  • Meter Base Repairs
  • Meter Base Replacements
  • Service Mast Repairs
  • Replace Weather Head
  • New Grounding Systems
  • Whole House Surge Protection Devices
  • Mobile Home Pedestal Replacements
  • Apartment House Gang Meter Repair
  • Apartment House Gang Meter Replacements


Insurance companies these days tend to deny coverage when they find older fuse type panels, and recommend that the panel be changed to a breaker panel system in order to maintain coverage. The biggest problem to insurance companies is fuses blowing at 15amps, so someone elects to install a 20amp, or 30amp fuse to “Fix” the problem. Instead this puts the entire system, building and occupants in potential danger. The fuses are only rated for the size wire it is protecting. Many homes and mobile homes are wired with 14awg wire rated for 15 amps. So when we plug in too many devices on one circuit the fuse becomes overheated and ‘blows’. By using a larger fuse the blowing of fuses stops, but what you don’t see deep within the walls is heat forming through the wiring, which eventually can melt off the outer sheathing (plastic protection). Now the potential for an electrical fire from within the walls is a clear and present danger. This is why the insurance companies would like the panel changed over from fuses to breakers. They know that the home will be much safer with a new breaker panel than the old fuse panel. At Synergy Electric, our electricians have changed over many old fuse panels that appeared to be in great shape for this very reason.


Looking for a good way to protect your home or business? Consider security lighting from Synergy Electric. While it seems like a pretty low-tech solution, it’s actually a pretty efficient way to protect your property. Criminals don’t like being visible, and they will go to darker locations on the street nearly every time so if you want to cut down the level of crime on your home or business think about having security lighting installed. Security lighting is pretty simple in nature, but pretty powerful with how it affects people. A light or multiple lights are mounted onto a section of your building and when someone walks in front of the motion sensor, the light will kick on for a predetermined length of time, making it very obvious that movement occurred in the area. Even if nobody else is around it can be a heart-thumping experience for a criminal. There are different options for security lighting installed by a professional electrician at Synergy Electric and it’s important to consider all your different options before deciding on the one that you want to use on your business or home. Some options are how bright the lights are, how expensive the bulbs are, what the range is on the sensors, and the possibility of adding a camera system.

Synergy Electric brings you the total control and lets you indulge in luxury with a single touch of a button from anywhere in the world. From windows that are programmed to adjust at pre-set times to reduce glare and protect delicate fabrics and fine art from harmful direct sunlight; hallway lights that automatically illuminating as you walk by; or a button press that dims the lights, closes the shades, and turns the plasma TV on; we can automate it. Automation refers to the ability to program and schedule events for the devices on the network including time-related commands, such as having your lights turn on or off at specific times each day or non-scheduled events, such as turning on all the lights in your home when your security system alarm is triggered. With the right home automation system from Synergy Electric, you can use any Internet-connected device to view and control the system itself and any attached devices.


Synergy Electric believes that sometimes lighting is simply an art form in design and beauty that can showcase nature and architecture. Our Team of ALA Certified Landscape Lighting Designers knows that nothing else enhances your garden or yard at night better than exterior lighting. It provides a decorative ambient effect to homes architecture, trees, shrubs and flowers. In addition to their beauty, the allure and the practical benefits of outdoor landscape lighting systems offer increased lighting for safety and security. Garden lighting also has a practical side. It is a great way to mark pathways or accent garden areas. With outdoor lights you will also feel safer in your yard as you come home to relax in your outdoor living space. A garden with low-voltage landscape lighting can bring a whole new setting to the home and provide the perfect spot for outdoor entertaining. landscape-lighting-bradenton landscape-lighting-low-voltage



Unlike many companies that have a limited line of fixtures to choose from, Synergy Electric has over 400 different industrial grade and decorative outdoor low voltage fixtures to choose from. Our specification grade landscape lighting fixtures in brass and copper are acid etched and powder coated to prevent paint chipping, rust and corrosion in the Florida salt water environment. This allows our designers to help our client’s select the fixture that will best work for their needs, and allow unique beauty to every home. Synergy’s night time demonstration allows you to see exactly how your home or space will look after the landscape lights are installed, reviews the written estimate and warranty as well as offers yearly maintenance to ensure beautiful long-term operation of your landscape lighting.



In addition to residential lighting projects, Synergy Electric’s landscape lighting design teams based in Sarasota, Ft Meyers and Tampa, Florida create custom landscape lighting systems for subdivision entrances, clubhouses, pools, driveways, walkways, residential and commercial developments, municipalities, public facilities, and park developments, as well as apartment complexes, town homes, and condos. Call today to for a free demonstration and set your property apart from the rest!

Synergy Electric offers comprehensive install, repair, and maintenance of home backup generators and our certified technicians have years of experience making sure residents Florida has power in emergency situations. A generator guarantees that your family will be safe in any emergency situation, whether your area is prone to blackouts or not. Synergy Electric certified technicians will determine what electrical components may be necessary to install a generator, the power usage and needs of your home or business, and what the customer wants to accomplish through the installation of the generator. Using a licensed electrician for your generator installation will ensure that all work completed will meet the city, county, and state codes.

Your lighting plays an essential role in keeping your business or home comfortable and functional. At Synergy Electric, we offer reliable lighting installation services to home and business owners. Electricians are in high demand so ensure a quality installation or repair by calling Synergy Electric today. If the electric bill for your home or office seems far too high, retrofitting your existing lighting system may be the answer you’ve been looking for. At Synergy Electric, we are full service electricians specializing in updating and retrofitting lighting for homes and businesses. We can replace components in your system with energy efficient counterparts that will save money; you may even be eligible for rebates from the electric company. We’ll also turn down the wattage output of your system and ensure that you’re getting the most from your lighting making your newly retrofitted lighting system more eco-friendly, helping you save money and the environment.

Ceiling fans are designed to distribute air in a room evenly, so the size of your room can dictate the size of the fan. In very large rooms, you may consider more than one fan. The larger the fan motor, the more expensive it may be and the more power it will pull. Synergy Electric will help you choose the right fan and ensure quality with our installation. Ceiling fans need about the same amount of power as most light fixtures, so be careful that your electrical circuit doesn’t get overloaded. Synergy Electric can place a fan in a new location in your home or business and run wiring to power it. Ceiling fans have many benefits that can save money when compared to AC, providing a cool breeze in the summer and (by reversing the fan direction) pushing hot air lower in the winter. Synergy Electric technicians are licensed, reliable, dedicated to energy efficiency, safety, and a quality install that will leave you with a smile.

Electrical wiring is subject to safety standards for design and installation and many projects need permits before being installed, so make sure it’s done right the first time with Synergy Electric. Never try to work on electricity without proper guidance and care, we have the knowledge and practical experience to deal with large or small projects. We make repairs as quickly as possible in order to minimize inconvenience and can inspect any electrical equipment to ensure that it is operating properly and to correct problems before breakdowns occur damaging equipment and creating a safety hazard. Modern homes use a variety of devices which have power needs beyond the design specifications of older homes so call us today if you are in need of local professional electricians.

There are two basic types of electric surge protection: point of use and whole house. Point of use are plug-in surge protectors and are great to have around the house, but you probably don’t have them for appliances such as fridges, microwaves, or installed with every electronic device plugged in your house and usually only handle up to 6000 volts. All of the devices not protected are susceptible to power surges, which a normal home can experience 20 power surges or more per day. A whole-house surge protector is designed to protect your home against power surges and protects all devices. Whole home protectors are devices are installed at the meter or electrical panel and require the installation by a licensed electrical contractor. Synergy Electric has the experience to perform a quality install of your whole home surge protection that will last and protect all of the valuable electronics plugged in.

Synergy Electric has boat dock lights and dock lighting accessories that we install and maintain which can be mounted onto any dock, wooden deck, or Connect-A-Dock to light up your dock in the nighttime. Our high quality lights can also be used to illuminate pathways, driveways, and walkways in any color to match the decor. We install new LED lights, solar lights, pagoda lights, underwater fish lights, boat dock and boat lift electrical installations, and any marine electrical repairs. Boat dock lights create an environment of safety and security around your boat dock and boat lift areas allowing you to see when navigating into your dock avoiding costly damages to both the boat and dock. Obsolete wiring around boat docks and boat lifts are a life threatening hazard which is why you should have a licenced professional at Synergy Electric install a dock lighting system today.

Technology should simplify your life, and it can with automated home control systems from Synergy Electric. From windows that are programmed to adjust at pre-set times to reduce glare and protect delicate fabrics and fine art from harmful direct sunlight; hallway lights that automatically illuminating as you walk by; or a button press that dims the lights, closes the shades, and turns the plasma TV on; we can automate it. Automation refers to the ability to program and schedule events for the devices on the network including time-related commands, such as having your lights turn on or off at specific times each day or non-scheduled events, such as turning on all the lights in your home when your security system alarm is triggered. With the right home automation system from Synergy Electric, you can use any Internet-connected device to view and control the system itself and any attached devices. Synergy Electric brings you the total control and lets you indulge in luxury with a single touch of a button. All your favorite brands and existing equipment can be enhanced through integration into your automated home control system including your TV, stereo system, and security systems.

Keeping your electrical outlets safe is crucial and a ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets prevent accidental electrocution, and state code requires them in baths, kitchens, laundry rooms, garages and outdoor locations. A GFCI won’t work unless it’s properly connected and Synergy Electric has you covered with a complete, up to code, install of any GFCI outlets. The reason GFCI’s are used is the only reason you need not to try and install them yourself. They are intended to prevent electrocution, so naturally if you don’t install it correctly, it’s like you haven’t installed one at all. Insurance will never cover a fire caused by faulty electrical work or GFCI installation and unintentionally disobeying building codes may lead to failed home inspections if you ever plan to sell. None of these consequences are worth saving some money by ignoring a licensed electrician, yet many homeowners continue to learn the hard way spending both time and money unnecessarily. Even though GFCI outlets look basic and easy to install, it’s always best to leave the installation to professionals who will ensure your safety and quality standards are met. Each year, roughly 200 people in the United States die as a result of electrocution in the bathroom or kitchen, and this number represents about two-thirds of all at-home electrocutions. A properly installed GFCI receptacle will stop the flow of electricity and will keep you safe from electrocution. The GFCI will not protect you from line contact hazards such as holding 2 ‘hot’ wires, however it protects against the most common form of electrical shocks, prevents fires, overheating, and destruction of electronic devices.

At some point in a home’s life, installing new receptacles, switches, and light fixtures will be a good idea. The originals may be out of fashion or have worn out. Regardless, the homeowner replacing outlets and switches without something going wrong is rare. Since replacing or repairing outlets correctly relies on making new connections, these may be done poorly which can create safety hazards such as electrocution or fires. Other problems for replacing outlets come from forgetting to attach a wire or attaching it in the wrong place. The number, color, and function of the wires at an outlet can be confusing if the original connections are lost track of or because of a bad install. Synergy Electric will ensure that your outlet and switch repairs are finished with lasting quality from licensed electricians.

The three typical causes for circuit breaker tripping are overloaded circuits, short circuit, or a ground fault. Synergy Electric can diagnose and repair any electrical malfunction redistributing power heavy devices to ensure the safety of you and your appliances. Synergy Electric ensures safety first with all service so if you’re not sure which of the problems listed above is causing your circuit breaker to trip and want on-site help with your circuit breakers or to check your wiring, give Synergy Electric a call today.

Synergy Electric gets to the root of your electrical issues with dependable troubleshooting and repairs so keep your family safe by keeping your electric up-to-date. Outdated or faulty fuse/circuit breaker panels and electrical wiring may cause electrocution or home fires. If you see flickering lights or wiring problems, don’t hesitate to call Synergy Electric and get prompt attention from our experienced electricians. Electrical issues can be complicated to identify for inexperienced homeowners. If issues aren’t your area of expertise, we have the knowledge and skill needed to perform troubleshooting and repairs for your home or business Sometimes appliances and circuit breakers give you clues right before they fail and we can test your home using our advanced equipment and our trained electricians will give you fair estimates before ever starting your projects. Safety is a major concern when it comes to your home’s electrical system. If you suspect electrical components in your home aren’t performing safely, contact us as soon as you detect a problem and our electricians will perform a thorough evaluation of your problem to accurately identify the source of the issues you are experiencing.

Home renovations and remodeling projects can raising the value of your home as well as your enjoyment of it. However, they can also be very stressful, especially if you don’t have the right contractor for the job. Take the headache out of wiring and connecting your remodels and additions. Synergy Electric has been helping our customers create the homes of their dreams by designing electrical systems solutions geared to each customer’s individual needs and expectations. We will quickly have your new bedroom suite, kitchen, bathroom, or screen-in porch wired for power and lighting. We will carefully inspect the area to determine what kind of electrical work and wiring you’re going to need for your renovation, and work with you to design a layout that will best suite your requirements. We make sure your home project or electrical installation stays on deadline, and ensure your design and budget stay on target with your expectations.


Sivoia QS Triathlon is the most fashionable, flexible and affordable motorized shading system available today. This battery-powered solution offers industry-leading battery life for easy installation and maintenance, perfect for retrofit applications. Available in new roller shade or insulating honeycomb styles, these shades have a wide variety of beautiful fabric colors and textures to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of any space. Able to work as a standalone or system solution, these shades can be controlled at the touch of a button.


Lutron’s new Contract Roller is a comprehensive, commercial grade roller shade line designed to meet the performance and budget requirements of any commercial application.   Whether its providing solar shading in restaurants, hospitality or office environments to full black out light control for presentations, Lutron automated roller shades are an excellent choice.   The Lutron roller shades may be individually controlled or controlled in sync with one another.   New quite roller technology stays silent, and all shades can be controlled by wall switch, scene controller or remote control.

Often times when approached about the requirement of Sea Turtle Safe Lighting, Property Managers and Owners get the impression that the Sea Turtle Folks expect them to be in the dark. This simply is not the case, although we understand why one might feel that way. Simply stated by a Sea Turtle Permit Holder or Code Enforcement, “Your lights are too bright and visible from the beach”. What they are really telling you is that your lighting can be more user friendly, effective, and energy efficient.

Mostly, outdoor lighting is wasteful illumination into the sky and adjacent properties. This is because the majority of wall lights, ceiling lights and floodlights are emitting light in 360°, when they really don’t need to. The basic concept of Sea Turtle Lighting it to use specific types of light sources such as Light Bulbs and LED Lighting that emit a wavelength of 450 nanometers. This wavelength is virtually invisible to Sea Turtles, except where they can directly view the intensity of the light source itself. Then this light source is paired with a lighting fixture that directly controls the direction and beam spread of the lighting. This means that light is effectively and accurately lighting the areas of concern without wasteful light.

Coastal properties that chose to upgrade to Sea Turtle Lighting Systems employ the latest in energy efficient lighting and design. This means they operate more effectively and efficiently than traditional outdoor lighting systems while saving on the electric bill. Any property along coastal areas and waterways where Sea Turtles nest is subject to this requirement, however when specified by a Sea Turtle – Lighting Professional, the lighting will not only keep Sea Turtles safe, it will also accentuate and leave your property looking beautiful!


  • Keep it LOW – Mount the fixture as low as possible to minimize light trespass, and use the lowest amount of light needed for the task
  • Keep it SHIELDED – Fully shield the light so bulbs and/or glowing lenses are not visible to minimize light trespass to beaches
  • Keep it LONG– Use long wavelength light sources (Amber’s and Red’s) in the appropriate lighting fixtures

The state of Florida developed a model lighting ordinance (62B-55, F.A.C.) to guide local governments in
creating lighting ordinances. The many counties and municipalities in Florida that have passed ordinances prohibiting light from reaching the beach can be found on the Municipal Code Corporation web site.

List of the Counties/Municipalities with these Ordinances


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