Ceiling Fan Installation

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Ceiling fans are designed to distribute air in a room evenly, so the size of your room can dictate the size of the fan. In very large rooms, you may consider more than one fan. The larger the fan motor, the more expensive it may be and the more power it will pull. Synergy Electric will help you choose the right fan and ensure quality with our installation. Ceiling fans need about the same amount of power as most light fixtures, so be careful that your electrical circuit doesn’t get overloaded. Synergy Electric can place a fan in a new location in your home or business and run wiring to power it. Ceiling fans have many benefits that can save money when compared to AC, providing a cool breeze in the summer and (by reversing the fan direction) pushing hot air lower in the winter. Synergy Electric technicians are licensed, reliable, dedicated to energy efficiency, safety, and a quality install that will leave you with a smile.