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Looking for a good way to protect your home or business? Consider security lighting from Synergy Electric. While it seems like a pretty low-tech solution, it’s actually a pretty efficient way to protect your property. Criminals don’t like being visible, and they will go to darker locations on the street nearly every time so if you want to cut down the level of crime on your home or business think about having security lighting installed. Security lighting is pretty simple in nature, but pretty powerful with how it affects people. A light or multiple lights are mounted onto a section of your building and when someone walks in front of the motion sensor, the light will kick on for a predetermined length of time, making it very obvious that movement occurred in the area. Even if nobody else is around it can be a heart-thumping experience for a criminal. There are different options for security lighting installed by a professional electrician at Synergy Electric and it’s important to consider all your different options before deciding on the one that you want to use on your business or home. Some options are how bright the lights are, how expensive the bulbs are, what the range is on the sensors, and the possibility of adding a camera system.