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Is it time to upgrade your electric panel? Older electric panels can do more harm than good, and here’s why: An older electric panel can have many potential problems that pose a fire risk from overloading, corrosion, old aluminum wiring, and electrical shorts from overloaded or unbalanced circuits. Though many of these issues won’t necessarily cause your home of business to burn down, it is inevitable that these issues will result in a failure that can damage sensitive electronics such as televisions, stereo’s computers and other appliances. Even worse, the potential failure will occur at the absolute worst time, leaving you without power, internet, and air conditioning!

Synergy Electric and Lighting goes above and beyond for our customers, at no extra charge! Not only do we offer complete electric panel upgrades and service changes, but we will inspect your wiring to ensure that your service is safe, properly balanced, which includes thermal imaging during the service change in order to spot and eliminate potential issues before they occur! No other electrical contractor in town offers this additional service free of charge. Why do we do it? Well that’s simple… We treat every customer as if they were our own family. We own the equipment, so why wouldn’t we go this extra step for a customer if we would do it for our own mother?


  • Fuse To Breakers
  • New Main Panel Installations
  • Pool Panel Installations
  • Surge Protection
  • Main Grounding Systems
  • Emergency Panel Installation
  • Main Breaker Replacements
  • Troubleshoot Flickering Lights
  • Label Household Circuits on Existing Panels
  • Sub Panels
  • Generator Panels
  • Load Balancing
  • Thermal Imaging of Circuits

A panel upgrade or replacement is usually required to alleviate a problem with the existing panel. The conductors between the meter and panel may become loose and burn out the main lugs, especially common when aluminum conductors were used. Sometimes a breaker might simply overheat and burn the bus bar or even displace heat to other circuits. Other common reasons to change out an existing panel are due to obsolescence and outdated technology. Split-buss panels, cheap underside builder-grade panels, are also good candidates for replacement. In many cases, as you grow in your home or business, the existing panel isn’t large enough so people have doubled up circuits, or overloaded them to the point at which they can easily trip, causing inconvenience and potential risk to life safety.

Our expert electricians use only high quality electric panels and gear such as Square D, Siemens, and Cutler Hammer. Every QO residential panel that we install has a lifetime warranty on the equipment and a 5-year warranty on the installation. At the end of the day, you deserve the best service, with the best products, at the best price. So we also throw in the best warranty for piece of mind!

Electrical Service Upgrades – Professional Electrical ServicesELECTRIC PANEL UPGRADE PROFESSIONAL ELECTRICIAN

  • Service Upgrades
  • Meter Base Repairs
  • Meter Base Replacements
  • Service Mast Repairs
  • Replace Weather Head
  • New Grounding Systems
  • Whole House Surge Protection Devices
  • Mobile Home Pedestal Replacements
  • Apartment House Gang Meter Repair
  • Apartment House Gang Meter Replacements

Insurance Company Saying You Have To Upgrade Fuse Panel?

Insurance companies these days tend to deny coverage when they find older fuse type panels, and recommend that the panel be changed to a breaker panel system in order to maintain coverage. The biggest problem to insurance companies is fuses blowing at 15amps, so someone elects to install a 20amp, or 30amp fuse to “Fix” the problem. Instead this puts the entire system, building and occupants in potential danger. The fuses are only rated for the size wire it is protecting. Many homes and mobile homes are wired with 14awg wire rated for 15 amps. So when we plug in too many devices on one circuit the fuse becomes overheated and ‘blows’. By using a larger fuse the blowing of fuses stops, but what you don’t see deep within the walls is heat forming through the wiring, which eventually can melt off the outer sheathing (plastic protection). Now the potential for an electrical fire from within the walls is a clear and present danger. This is why the insurance companies would like the panel changed over from fuses to breakers. They know that the home will be much safer with a new breaker panel than the old fuse panel. At Synergy Electric, our electricians have changed over many old fuse panels that appeared to be in great shape for this very reason.

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