Synergy Electric Re-Illuminates BMO Harris Bank, Sarasota Florida

ELECTRICAL AND LIGHTING PROJECT SARASOTA FLORIDAWhen the owners of the BMO Harris Bank building needed electrical and lighting repairs for lighting atop their high rise building in downtown Sarasota, they placed calls to multiple contractors throughout the area. The complexity of this job was high because the building had been constructed in 1989 with no method of servicing soffit lighting on the building exterior over eleven stories high. This job required skilled and experienced electricians who were not only capable of performing electrical work, but whom could provide a long term sustainable solutions with the least cost and complexity of future servicing. As well, the contractors had to be heavily insured and the experience to coordinate all efforts with both the City, fire departments, police departments, and other agencies to close the surrounding roadways in order to perform the required work. After vetting multiple companies, Synergy Electric was selected as the right choice for the job.

Synergy Electric and Lighting worked closely with manufacturing partners to provide and engineered, and UL Listed solution that would allow for the replacements of the old outdated lighting with an Integrated LED Lighting Solution. Further, future servicing of the the lighting system requires expensive heavy equipment and multiple road closures just to service. However, the building is regularly serviced by window washers whom perform their duties over top the side of the building in boatswains chairs. For years the window washers were able to replace screw in light bulbs for the building manager, but could never change a ballast or replace a fixture as this required a licensed electrician, and could not be performed from a boatswains chair. Synergy Electric with its engineering partners, developed a tooless mechanical attachment system, with electrical quick connect system that will allow for the window washers to safely remove and replace any light fixture without ever having to expose themselves to electricity, or electrical connections. This created a situation for the building owners and management team where as the lighting system could now be serviced or replaced without ever having to rent expensive equipment or close roadways again.

Electricians Sarasota Florida - Synergy Electric and LightingNow that a fully engineered solution was developed and UL listed it came time for the initial hard work to perform the required initial replacement. The job required a 185′ Man lift, along with several road coordinated road closures to perform the required maintenance replacement of the original mercury vapor lights to the new LED Lighting. After securing the required permits, and coordinating the road closures and establishing a MOT (Management of Transportation) around the area, Synergy Electric and Lighting began the work from the aerial lift platform. Synergy electricians had undergone rigorous safety training and certifications to be able to safely operate the required equipment, and perform the installation in and around the public. Not only did this require road closures, but it also involved providing ground crews to assist the public safely in crossing roads and avoiding the hazardous work locations surrounding the work site. This enabled Synergy Electric to perform the work in the safest possible conditions, as well as effectively manage time schedules to complete the required work on time.

Like any job, sometimes things do not always go as planned, but in this instance the job was going very well right up until they didn’t.Synergy Electric although ensured by the rental equipment company that the man lift would reach all the required areas of the building soffit, found out that the aerial equipment could in fact not reach 100% of the lighting of the high rise building. Normally, a problem like this might defeat the situation or cause serious and expensive delays to the project, but one thing this Veteran owned and operated company “Synergy Electric” is good at is Improvise, Adapt and Overcoming obstacles. When it was learned that the 185′ man lift could not safely reach the lights, Synergy Electric and Lighting brought in a 110 Ton Crane truck to fly its electricians into position to work on the remaining lighting.  This required a highly skilled and licensed crane operator, as well as rigorous safety testing, planned de-rating of crane capacity by 50% to ensure the safety of human life, the use of a certified and rated man basket as well as a myriad of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to ensure the safety of our electricians as well as property and lives of the surrounding public. Though this may look like an easy task, the short period of in-air work was preceded by hours and hours of set-up, calculations, equipment testing, dry runs and critical weight ratio counterbalancing to ensure the crane could safely place our electricians into the work environment.

FLORIDA LIGHTING SERVICE - SYNERGY ELECTRICWith the use of the 270′ – 110 Ton crane, Synergy Electric and Lighting was able to complete the required scope of work, safely, on time and on budget for the building owner. The end result was a massively rewarding return on their investment through reduced operating costs (electrical savings) as well as future maintenance and repair cost eliminations through our fully engineered lighting solution. The lighting looks beautiful, showcases the building well, and should last the owners for the next 15-20 years. With the commitment to our customers to provide the highest levels of professionalism, service, dedication to completely the work no matter how difficult, Synergy Electric and Lighting prides itself on our reputation as being the best electrical and lighting company in Southwest Florida.

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