Why Surge Protection Is Important

Has someone recommended surge protection to you for your home or business, and you are asking yourself why this is or is not important?   Than we have the answer for you!   With the advances in today’s technology of sophisticated electronics, electrical distribution and power conditioning devices, one might think that surge only occurs during a storm or a lightning strike.  This though process, though logical is absolutely incorrect.   In fact, often the power supply to your home or business is considered dirty power.  This is a term that describes the problem of electromagnetic noise on the mains wiring of a house or business.   This noise, is often includes low power factor, voltage variations, frequency variations, and surges. All electrical systems are based on a supply of power at a certain voltage and frequency, usually 60hz.  Despite all the new technology in power and control, the electrical system supplying power to your home or business is from old antiquated electrical grids.    In most municipalities, invisible and undetected surge often occurs when the utility switches grids.  This is a process of switching the bulk of the available electricity to businesses during the day, and switching the bulk to houses in the evening time.   This “grid switching” occurs many times a day without you ever seeing a change, but allows the utility to put electricity to areas where it is needed, when it is needed.

why do i need surge protectionIn supplied power to your home or business, the original voltage is upwards in many circumstances of 26,600 volts, or in most urban areas 14,400 volts that is then stepped down to 120/240 volts in a single phase application or 208,277,480 volts in many three phase installations.   Regardless of the voltage being stepped down to, this occurs through magnetic, oil filled transformers.   Here there are no sophisticated electronically controlled or corrected voltage controls.   Therefore when the supplied power is dirty, and potentially full of surges, your expensive household or commercial electronic equipment is potentially susceptible to damage as a result of these surges.


SURGE SUPRESSION SARASOTA BRADENTON TAMPA FT MYERS NAPLES MOVIn today’s electronics, there are built in components that help control power surges and spikes without allowing the device to be harmed, but this is a limited protection for only the specific devices for which it is installed.   This small component is called a Metal Oxide Varistor.   Mostly these MOV’s are smaller than a pea, and soldered onto the electrical circuit board.   The MOV varistor is designed to absorb power surges and spikes up to a specified amount or level.   Power spikes and surges, occur in milliseconds, and because they happen so quickly, it is faster than the human eye can see.   When you have a MOV built into the circuit board of your electronic devices, the MOV absorbs and restricts this surge or spike so as to not interrupt the performance or function of your electronics, thus why you don’t hear the radio cut out when it receives a power surge.   Yet again, the MOV’s are limited in their capacity.  In today’s world even lighting is now controlled electronically such as LED Lighting, and the circuits are built with MOV’s on-board.


If you ever had an electronic device stop working such as a DVD player, or an LED Lighting trim, then more than likely the part that failed causing the entire device not to function is the MOV that was built onto the circuit board.   As we discussed earlier, this part offers surge protection as its main function but it can only handle so much.  Transient power spike and surges, happen so quickly and many times per day to most homes and businesses.  Recognizing these surges and spikes takes very expensive monitoring equipment not usually available to most people and even hiring someone to monitor your equipment to prove these issues is cost prohibitive.   Utility companies know these spikes and surges occur, but they won’t quickly, or openly admit fault when one or more of your devices fail because of them.  Instead the rely on the manufacturer of the electronic device to build in this MOV protection.   However manufacturers push for lower cost of delivering goods to consumers who like lower prices.  This is when $.03 cents per each electronic component on the circuit board can mean a $4.00 lower price on delivering a finished product.  Similarly to a good pair of shoes versus a cheap pair of shoes, metal oxide varistors have quality levels and protection levels.  The cheaper the MOV even by as little as $.03 cents per can make a huge difference in a world market where price is competitive.   This means you get short changed across the board to buy the DVD player or radio for a cheaper price.

surge protection sarasota bradentonBy purchasing and installing a panel level surge protection device, you as the consumer can head-off transient surges and spikes before they get to your electronic devices. Since you have no control over the utility, nor the quality of MOV’s built into the circuits of your electronic devices, panel level surge protection allows you to install high capacity, high quality surge protection to protect all of your electronic devices including LED lighting.   By virtually heading these spikes off at the pass the MOV’s inside your equipment will last longer thus extending the useful life of the electronics.  In many cases, it costs less to protect all the devices in your home or business than it does to replace a single LED TV, refrigerator , or even a modern washer or dryer.   Think of surge protection as a security guard, that watches over everything in the house.

Synergy Electric offers a full line of residential and commercial surge protection devices.   We can easily install these at the electrical panel to protect everything in the entire home or business.   Each panel requires a single protection device.

If you’re modernizing your home or business, than surge protection should be a high priority.   Call today to get a free quote.   We guarantee our pricing to be highly competitive and offer a 15 year warranty on all surge protection devices.   Call today 941-756-4844 and save your devices!